Jardi d’Jo Showcase

Jardi d’Jo is a young French family owned company with international ambitions. They produce smart and sustainable garden products based on felt from recycled plastic bottles. A very innovative product range that offers added value for both consumer and retailer, and that deals responsibly with the scarce raw materials of our planet. In short, a unique product range, a brand with a message, a story that needs to be told. Something we can put our heart and soul behind. </ Span> </ p>

After a first short but fruitful collaboration during the 2017 season, Jardi d’Jo decided to turn CrissCrossing into a permanent marketing partner for Europe. Together we worked on the commercial development, ranging from digital marketing to the implementation of store concepts.


Communication strategy

  • focus on target markets and creation of personas
  • customer requirementes and value proposition
  • development of media-mix and communication planning
  • customer journey: from digital to in-store
  • branding and positioning

Development of media mix

  • multi-lingual website: English, French, German and Dutch
  • social media channels Facebook and Instagram
  • content creation
  • how-to and product videos and animations
  • instore concepts (POS)
  • sales support documents for local distributors

Using the media channels

  • Interaction and conversation with consumers through social media
  • B2B support of distribution network


  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Contests

Main challenges

It involves innovative solutions offered to a rather traditional market segment
Jardi d'Jo is located in France, the sales director travels all over Europe, we are based in Ghent (Belgium)
The budget is fixed for the season and Jardi d'Jo wants to be kept updated
Jardi d'Jo wants to get a foothold in some core markets in Europe, so all communication needs to be in 4 languages

The CrissCrossing team did a very good job on our Jardi d’Jo project. At the beginning they work on a deep analysis of our industry and products which allowed them to really understand our environment. They came up with a lot of ideas to help the promotion of our new products. They were also able to formalize and structure our ideas in a clear and easy-to-understand message. I would definitely recommend the CrissCrossing team.

Sebastian Luche

International Sales Manager, Jardi d'Jo


Clear agreements upfront with Jardi d'Jo on timing and budget. Real-time follow-up via collaboration tools. Weekly Skype-calls for face-to-face updates.


As we develop and manage everything in-house, we can respond quickly to new events or changes in the market ... or weather.


As we are actively involved in the development of the full commercial flow, we can come up with new ideas and pragmatic solutions that create immediate value-add.

Why teaming up with CrissCrossing?

With us as a marketing partner at your side, you can concentrate fully on the core activities of your company. We strive for a symbiosis that strengthens you in your growth. Together with you, we ensure that your target group knows what added value brings your company to them.

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